The Christian Journey is Unknown

and the destination is completely known. Knowledge of where we are going is why we take the trip.

We embark on the first step of our Christian walk headed toward the gates of Heaven. We can never say we don’t know what our end goal is. The eternal goal is that our last step is into Paradise. It is the steps between now and eternity that are unknown.

This is where I am. I know my destination is Heaven. It is before the throne of an all powerful, all knowing, all good, all holy God singing His praises for an eternity. Here and now I act as His servant and His soldier. I do what He has called me to do. As my walk continues as I step into His holiness, He reveals to me His plan for me. Oh, to know the plans He has for me. I see visions of His glory, and I acknowledge that this life of mine is not mine. I did not create it or allow it to happen. I did not breathe a single breathe of life into my lungs. My ability to function is a gift from God to use for His will and His workings. As long as I live on this earth and as I race towards eternity, my life will serve as a living sacrifice.

This earth is not my home.

My life is not my own.

The end is at my Father’s throne.

As the disciple of Christ presses on.


Any Thoughts?

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