Knowledge of Unconditional Love

It is amazing how children know when they are unconditionally loved. Post-tantrum, I was holding my “future princess” in my arms. She loves to be rocked back and forth like an infant. I was talking to her about life and I looked down into her eyes. Her childlike eyes. I just started crying. I am not one on the sappier side, but I could not keep from crying. I looked at her, and I was overwhelmed with love for her. I tell her I love her throughout the day, but goodness gracious I love her.

She knows I do. As, I looked at her face, I just talked with her.

Me: You know the most beautiful dress in your closet. 

Future Princess: Yes.

Me: You are more beautiful than them. 

Me: You know all the flowers in the ground

FP: Yes

Me: You are more beautiful than them. 

Me: I love you

FP: I love you

When you are a foster parent and live among other foster parents you don’t get a plethora of deep existential conversation. However, I would not discuss another theory or academic concept if every conversation was as purposeful as the one with my future princess. Despite her continuing her tantrum after I left her room, NO ONE can dissuade me that she knows I love her.

How different it is to love a child who is not biologically yours. I can’t say, I love her the same as my child. I am only 22 here and purposefully single, but I love her. A child that is not biologically yours, you work to earn their love. Her love is worth it. Unlike any man, I have ever wanted romantically. She is worth every amount of effort. She knows I love her. She knows with all the tantrums she throws I love her. She knows with every mean thing she says to me I love her. She knows that nothing will stop me from loving her. On good days, I love her. On bad days, I love her. Nothing more and nothing less. Even with all the tantrums, there is a huge heart in this little girl (and a brilliant mind as well). She understands fairness and justice, but also compassion. One, would assume because she is not as infantile as her sister she is tough, but she is brilliant.

I pray for my future princess. God, allow opportunities and circumstances to come her way  that grow her and develop her in who she was intended to be. Thank you for putting her in my life. I pray that you allow me to love her like you love me. Thank you for her.



Any Thoughts?

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