Fosterhood Attachment

There seems to be this moment when children in foster care choose who takes care of them. I am in a communal foster care community. I live with four other women, and we jointly take care of four children. Today, I realized the future linebacker had chosen me. I think it was when he was sick, and I took him to the doctor.

It hurt to see my handsome boy in so much pain. We waited in the room for almost an hour waiting to see the doctor. We took photos and played games. The appointment ended and we ventured home. Because We Are by The Autumn Film played in the car; I glanced behind me and my future linebacker’s hand was extended to me. I held his hand on our drive back home. It was our moment. He knew I would be there for him. God, I love him. He is perfect from top to bottom.

Mushy moment of the day with my future linebacker.

During nap time, he wouldn’t take a nap and kept running around his room. So, I laid in his bed and pretended to be asleep. After 30 seconds, I woke up and pretended to cry. He came over and patted me on the shoulder and kept telling me, “It’s okay”. So, I fall asleep again and cried again a couple more times. Then, I cried again and then sat up. I think he got so frustrated with me that he came over and said, “Lay down and close your eyes”. Which is hilarious because it is what I tell him when he wants to play during naptime or bedtime. He has such a big heart for such a little boy. When, I would pretend to be asleep. He would give me kisses on the forehead and say, “Ove ooh”. He really has half of my heart.

God, thank you for the big heart my future linebacker has. Thank you for the amazing relationship we have. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of love I have for him. He is amazing. Please equip me to be exactly who I need to be for his sake. His presence in my life has nothing to do with me. It is totally about him. Let me love him graciously and successfully.



Any Thoughts?

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