Did I Shower Today?

During training for work, the instructors spoke to us briefly about self-care…I don’t even know what in the world they said. Now after having kids for three weeks I feel like they should have spent more time talking about it. After working an entire day shift which included:

  • Waking up at 7:00AM to tell my kids to go back to sleep
  • Spilling a huge bag of Cheerios on the floor
  • Playing doctor with my kids (I was the patient, mostly because it required me to lay on the couch with my eyes closed)
  • Watching Aladdin
  • Sharing my grapes (and all other food I eat, but that is a later post)
  • Playing Wii with my one of my kids
  • Putting the kids down for nap
  • Having to go back and tell my future linebacker to lay in his bed…several times
  • Painting rocks
  • Having my future linebacker paint my arm
  • Diffusing tantrums until 8PM

I sit on my bed and ask myself one question, “Did I shower today?” Honestly, I didn’t. I woke up sore from salsa dancing last night and told myself I would bathe at naptime. Naptime came and went and I didn’t bathe. I’m not a filthy girl. At least I hope not. I like to think of myself as cleanly, but I now to some extent understand why moms look the way they do. I often wondered how she could leave her house looking so disheveled. I now know why, because that precious two-year old that you are gawking about at the supermarket throws tantrums like a rabid banshee. Then you condescendingly say, “Well what a little angel”. You say thanks, but really want to say, “Let me bless you with her then”.

I need to get better at self-care. I miss going to the gym and 6:30AM workouts, but my body is so awry from late nights and early mornings. I am going to go to bed now. I want to go to the gym tomorrow at 5:30AM, but that will only happen if I wake up at 5:15AM.

God, please help me to take better care of myself. Physically help me remain on target for my weight loss, and not hoard junk food. Emotionally, help me not to get frustrated with all I deal with. Socially, help me be a resource the other house parents. Spiritually, help me to constantly remember I can’t do life without you.


P.S. I brushed my teeth. I always brush my teeth. I cannot eat or drink anything unless they have been brushed…just in case you were wondering.


Any Thoughts?

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