Mom Jeans

I think I found my fashion sense February 2011. Prior to that, I was a jeans, t-shirt, and zip hoodie kind of girl. I went to Sevilla on a week-long mission trip and came back changed. Spiritually, I grew enormously, but  in hindsight it was a catalyst for my fashion sense. I came back and slowly my closet underwent a slow meaningful transformation. Patterns, colors, textures, shines, heels, flats, wedges. Those are just some items that have been added to my closet. Now, within the context of my college, I am no fashionista. However, I can hold my own.

I have seen women use motherhood as a reason for the degradation to their previous bubbly, bright, and sophisticated wardrobe. It scares me to see a newborn in pastels and mom in an over-sized dirty sweatshirt and ill-fitting jeans. Hence the title, Mom Jeans. As shallow as it is, I fear for my recent advances in my personal style. I have had a day or two of laziness. Personal upkeep  isn’t easy, because every outfit I wear is an intentional decision. Every morning when I look into my closet, I have to decide that I want to feel good about how I look. I have done this by eliminating a lot of unfitting items from my closet. I have stopped wearing make-up for the most part. Who am I trying to impress? These kids do not care. Also, my face to the target for drool, spit, and other stuff.  My makeup is not waterproof. Where, I lost time in makeup application I have taken time to have a good facial regiment.

I have learned colorful, comfortable well-fitting crops are a parents best friend. Corresponding crew tees make life easy, also when a child pukes, defecates,  spits on it I take no offense. I just wash it and keep it moving. Layerable sweaters also serve well in the artillery of appropriate childcare wear.

However, any and every opportunity I am not with my kids I push the limits on proper dressing. Yesterday to simply go to the mall I wore a flowing coral skirt and a cream blouse. I felt too feminine, so I bought a Molly Ringwald 80’s style fedora, that made the outfit feel more purposeful. Ugh, I love the times I get to dress nicely. I plan to use the rest of this year to acquire accessories of all sorts.

I think it is because, when you are a parent to someone, it is easy to lose your identity. Ridiculous amounts of your life become invested into the proper care of a child that a mild-mannered, laid back, person can become high-strung and volatile. I need to hold on to more of who I am, because this person who is writing now, is only a fraction of the woman who left Atlanta.

Any Thoughts?

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