A Prayer for Our Nation

Father, I am without words. You have placed me here for Your divine purpose. I am an American because You, in your infinite grace and mercy, have allowed it. Before I rest my head, I pray for my nation. I don’t know how The United States will play a role in Your eternal plan, but I know You have total control. This election did not take You by surprise. You knew at what time the president would be re-elected. You control that.

My allegiances solely fall with You. Before, I am a Democrat or Republican, before I am an American. I am a follower of Christ. I pray that my role as a disciple of Christ emit through my politics. I pray that I live with the moral fortitude of Your people in the days of old, but I also pray I live the heart that is willing and constantly humbled to serve others as Christ did ultimately with His death. I pray that I will step up and do my part. I pray that I will do exactly what You have called me to do. My government may not be a disciple, but I am. I am completely Yours. So utilize me in any manner You find fit.

God, I pray for Your people, for my brothers and sister across the nation. I pray that we do not allow our faith to become stereotyped to a political ideology, but in all elections we prayerfully seek you for answers. In that forgive me God for not prayerfully seeking You in this election and not voting. I have surrendered a privilege You gave me, when You placed me in  America. I pray that in the upcoming elections for congress that You direct me to the candidates that reflect a biblical worldview of morality, compassion, understanding, and redemption. I pray, I will not be lost in the constantly changing “new normal”, but will lead a life where my character is constant.

I pray that Your people will return to its personal status as a Godly nation. I pray for unity in the church. We will rise up as the church to fulfill our role: to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I pray we do not surrender that amazing calling to our government.

I pray for our government. I pray Your plan. I don’t know what it is, but I pray for You plan to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I pray that the division in Your body (denomination, practice, theology) will be mended and restored. In Christ we neither, Jew, Gentile, slave, free, male, or female. We are one. We are His. Allow us to Yours again.

I love You, Father. I pray this with the greatest veneration.

Your Humble Servant and Loving Daughter,


In Christ’s Name,


Any Thoughts?

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