The Christian Lullaby

I only know two lullabies: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Rock-a-by Baby. So, when my children ask for a song beyond that my mind draws for a blank. I consider the songs that sooth me, and typically it is Christian music. I like to go to bed with God in my thoughts, Jesus in my heart, and the Holy Spirit in the room. When, my future doctor (formerly future princess) asked for another song, I sang Like and Avalanche by Hillsong United. Let me tell you something those songs soothe children even better than a diddy about a star.

I believe it is because, Jesus love kids. And children know Jesus loves them…even when they don’t know Jesus. I’m not trying to force salvation on these children. I am not one for forcing my religion on people. I am whose I am. You are who you are. However, I do what works and most importantly what brings them peace.


Any Thoughts?

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