A Letter to Him

Dear You,

I thought of you today. It was the first time I have thought of you in perhaps 4 months. I have pursued an intimate with Christ. I believe it would be pointless to pin the relationship I need with Christ into a relationship I want with you. I am working to neither see men as gods or demons, but as creation just like me. Know, I will think the world of you, but I know you are in the world, but not of the world (because I know you will be Christian, you will laugh at this joke).

For some reason this time of year gets especially hard to be single. The term in Atlanta was “cuffing season”. It is the time period from November to February where relationships become all the more important. Dinners with each others families, swapping Christmas presents, New Years kiss and Valentine’s Day are the big four for the season. All those holidays I will spend with my kids in Houston. I am glad to do it though. I love them. It will be a complete role reversal on my part to play the parent.

I think you will be glad to know, I am making the most of my singleness. I have spent years fawning after specific people as prospects of a husband and sometimes the mere notion of a husband. It is not that I don’t want you. I do, but I believe that my singleness should be made the most of. I don’t want you to meet me and all I am doing with my life is waiting to meet you. I’m sorry, but you are not marrying that kind of girl. I have tons I would love to do before we enter into a biblical union with one another. More than that, I believe if you are the one I am to wed, God has a huge plan for our lives together. I don’t know it all, and the parts I know are so small. However, I think our time spent apart would be best used preparing for our callings in Christ and personal development.

Know after this year, I am going to seminary. I don’t expect to meet you there. I don’t even hope to meet you there. I know the years spent in seminary will be challenging in both an academic and spiritual capacity. I am excited for it. Know this about me, I consider Christ my highest priority, and we will thrive together if we operate in that context.

…well, I just wanted to let you know I thought of you. I haven’t forgotten you. I love you. I mean it.

Any Thoughts?

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