My Type…ish

I don’t really have an overall type. I have a list of qualities that ultimately can dwell in various people, but never have I considered myself a girl to get what she wants in the arena that is relationships. My type has always felt out of my ability to get. I haven’t given up on relationships forever. In this time, they are not a priority. Which is why when a male approaches me I am pretty surprised in a confusing way.

On Friday night me and my coworkers went to a club. I simply danced. I rarely drink (mostly because it is gross and expensive). However, I spend hours on the dance floor. My dancing is not continual gyrations on the loins of a man. It is dancing. It is feet-moving, head-bobbing, crazy-armed, twirling, shaking, shimmying, dancing. I dance a little meringue, a lot of salsa, and completely with my emotions. I am not a good dancer. I am barely a decent one, but I just feel confident dancing….and I feel better about myself not dancing on some dude the entire night. In addition when I go out dancing looking provocative is not a priority I am modest, fashionable, honorable, and fun in dress, but the most important being modest.

Well, this evening I was not even thinking in my head to have anyone look at me. However, I met this handsome Venezuelan man (I have a thing for international people). He complimented me on my hat and skirt. As cynical as I am, I thought he was heavily intoxicated and just kind smiled and kept dancing with my friend. He then swapped hats with me and smile and we danced together. What I appreciate about Mr. Señor (Venezuelan man) is that he was never inappropriate. When I told him I had roommates he began looking out for them. He invited them to dance with us. He began to intertwine his friends with mine. He kept weird men away from us, and when another girl (who was extremely attractive) attempted to dance with him while we were dancing he was polite and no. However, the most honorable thing he did that evening was when I lost sight of my friend, he found her and brought he back over without even being prompted.

Unfortunately, I left my phone in the car and his was dead. I didn’t get his number or his name. Probably will never see him again, and his face is quickly fleeting from my memory. I am glad that I met him though. Our 45 minute interaction assured me of a couple of things.

  • The type of person I like, might just like me too. It is not some far-fetched idea or out of my league.
  • I am a respectable woman.
  • I want to man who is not only respectful of me, but my friends as well.

I don’t know why I am making a big deal of this though. I am not upset I didn’t get his contact information. Perhaps, it is because it is the first male positive male romantic interaction I have had in a year. I mean there is this one guy but I don’t think I fall anywhere on his radar. Even if I did, distance separates us in the most unfortunate of ways.

(Shrugs) In the fullness of time I will know whom I need to know. Until then I will be a single Christian woman making the most of her singleness.


Any Thoughts?

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