Finding Him in a Sermon….

God stirs my heart in the most unexpected of ways. When, I believe it is in my prayers; He makes His presence known in a song. When, I repeat the song over and over; He makes Himself known among His creation. There have been times when I would simply be walking and the wind would blow, and I would just know that God was real and He was mindful of me. Many of times I will be studying the Bible, and God would just reveal the beautiful mystery of His truth. RARELY and I do mean RARELY is it in a sermon.

When, I sit on the end of an aisle on a Sunday morning I wear my Bible scholar hat. I want to learn. I want to know scripture more. I want to be enlightened on the application of my faith. In completely humility and sincerity, I want God to know I am doing everything to know Him. I want to know Him like He knows me. I want to know Him like He is the only thing to know. The Holy Spirit made himself known. Pastor Gregg talked about fasting and prayer. Prayer is probably one of the most forgotten foundations and underutilized weapons in the Christian faith. I am so guilty of it.

Last night as I laid down to sleep, I just cried before God. There are times where I do or say something harsh to my kids and the weight of guilty and shame is so immediate. I ask for forgiveness from God and the child. God reminds me that He created them. That thought rips me apart. God created my kids, and I am doing a poor job being mindful of His exuberant creation. As I continued last evening’s lament, my prayer turned into an avalanche of personal problems, complaints, and requests. God was completely lost in all my whining.

When, I heard Pastor Gregg’s message this morning. I knew God was talking directly to me. I knew it was time, I put away my childish prayers, and pray. That is my intention. God called me to do something; I don’t know how long. Honestly, I don’t care how long. I am excited to be denying my flesh something it needs, in my pursuit of prayer. I’ll be praying for my kids, my future, my friends, and freedom. God is going to use this time to bring clarity. I am sure of it.

Here is a link to Pastor Gregg’s sermon titled No Food, Know Prayer.

Be blessed and more importantly be prayerful.


Any Thoughts?

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