Mentor/Mentee the Mentoring of Me

Most of my Christian walk, I have mentored adolescent females on their personal spiritual journey. It has been life changing. There have been conversations I have had with girls where I knew there was no possible way that the words coming out of my mouth originated in my carnal mind. Those conversations had the Holy Spirit all over them. The amount of investing I have done in young women fed my desire to pursue counseling as a career.

I have been mentored so well. However, I have never been mentored by a woman close to my age that I look up to. I have attended Houston’s First Baptist for four months. I go to the Downtown site for two reasons. One, it is closer to me. Two, it reaches a target population that I am a member (single young adults). I have gone to women’s’ Bible study twice and feel so blessed to be the youngest person there. The average age is around 25. I listen to them speak about God and their relationship with Him and I want what they have. They call on God constantly. I sometimes limit Him to my prayer times, forgetting He is present in my absence. God is their everything. It is not as if He is God of their major life issues. He is God in the insignificant issues that I feel like I shouldn’t waste God’s time on. Let me not brag on them as if they were perfect, but I thank God for them already.

God thank you for these women. You always know what and whom exactly, I need in my life. Thank you for both the desire and necessity of community. I thank You so much for people I can “do life” with. God, You know I cannot do this alone. You are completely sufficient for me. However, You know the strength of community. God, I pray as I spend the next four to five years at Houston’s First Baptist, that you begin to develop the relationship I have with these women. God, I pray that you bless them with patience as I ask many many questions. Let Your Holy Spirit be with them to answer them all. Be the foundation of these friendships. You are the only reason that anything lasts.

God, also allow me to be a good friend to them. God, I struggle in friendships sometimes. I alter myself to be more liked or accepted. God, allow me to be me. I don’t want to appease anyone’s needs. I simply want genuine community.

God, I just want to take time to say I love You. I love You more than my life. I love that this earth declares Your glory. The wind blows and the trees bow before You. As the sun rises the birds sing an anthem to the Son of God. The flowers bloom in great joy before You. Who is like You? None. There is none like You. The creations of man are temporal. They are made then they rust, break, or wither. All You created remains. Our spirit and souls are eternal. The flesh we lay down will rise again. This earth will only end when you say. God, I love You.


Any Thoughts?

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