Heaven Only Knows…

I believe to a great extent God has complete knowledge of all things. Often referred with the term omniscient, I pondered this concept briefly on my Saturday morning bike ride

Lake week Friday, while having dinner with a lovely new friend, I shared with her my heart of missions for Europe. I have been to England and Spain. If it be in His will, my heart is to one day move to Europe. The people, the wealth of culture, the depth of history, all of it compels me to pack my bags and go. On my mission trips to Spain, most people have adopted a post-Christian perspective. The majority of people there are apathetic to religion, not really caring for the soul. America is heading in that direction, but there are many on the forefront on the home base. Back to the point of omniscient God. 

In the past four months, I bike ride everywhere. It is not that the car is unavailable. I just ride our house bike a lot. I ride it to the store and often to the gym. I ride it to random coffee shops and to the park. In the past 7 days, I traveled a total of 32.4 miles on a bike. I love it. It is warm and free. The seat is surprisingly comfortable. Also, it is a pretty decent form of exercise.

However, it makes me wonder if God is going to take me to Europe, where traveling via bike is more common. I’m sure God knows I would be scared to ride there. So, maybe, He is using Houston as my training grounds? I mean almost two months ago, I go hit by a car while riding a bike. So, I don’t know what would compel me to hop back on as frequently as I do, except by the pure strengthening of God…hmmm…just a thought…

The Lord knows.


Any Thoughts?

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