Jesus Rose

It would be on today, that I am humbled by my humanity. I have been up all night, attempting to be…only the Lord knows what my attempt was in staying up all night. I don’t know if it was to accomplish something or be something or just prove that I am worthy. Who knows? However, in the quiet workings of the night the dawn rises, and I find myself completely insufficient. All the toil of the night lost, in the mistakes of the morning.

Only to realize that this is Easter. Christ rose today. Truth is, I AM insufficient  I toil seeking to feel approved. I want to feel big in places where I feel so small, but I am small. Every day, I am small. However, on this day I am nothing in comparison to Christ. Ultimately, if the egg hunt is a bust and dinner stinks, so what? Why make a momentous meal out of this day? It is not about the meal or the egg hunts or anything but that Christ rose. Christ rose so we could rise out of our inefficiency into His glory. I don’t rise in my pride or intellect. I rise into His Kingdom.

Jesus, it is all about YOU.

Tosin, it is NOT about you.

This video just kicked me in the heart this morning. Humbled and thankful.

Any Thoughts?

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