kids to the sound of music

It is insane to think I have been here for a year. As, I reflect on the posts I have written I have deviated from my intended topic severely. Once, again something has become about me.

18 kids in 11 months

My Lord, thank you for all of them.

When, I write their names on a list honestly, it is like a long discordant harmonious song. The beginning starts off loud and brash, like the crashing of cymbals. It sounds like a drummer wailing on her snare and kick and bass drum completely unrelentingly. It sounds like a guitarist sliding her fingers from fret to fret looking for the proper note to play. It sounds confused, but so honest. You can hear the frustration, but you can also see the attempts made to be something beautiful. While, the song was never given time to adjust and ended much sooner than desired, this song when thought of brings back good memories. There was so much love in that song. Distracted by the clanging of the drums and the wailing on the guitar it was hard to notice the cellist plucking away at her strings. If I had learned to tune out the clamor sooner, I would have seen something so lovely.

There is a long song about boyhood. It is a playful one. It is completely American with tons of Spanish influences. It a simple song but by the end of the sequence has completely matured into something complex and grander that imagined. It begins with a single acoustic guitar. The guitarist strums on the happiest of chords. A “C” chord. However, the listener is completely confused and delighted by the random E minor. The major and the minor keys complement each other. They remind us of the highs and lows that continually emerge as life goes by. This song is flavorful and spicy. It is a good ole boy and a flamenco dancer. A simply trot and a precise stomp. No! It is the dragging stroll and a clacking of your heels on the floor. However this is only two parts to this four-part song. There is also a stand up bass and a trumpet in the background who are simply looking for a tune to play. They finally settle for a funky Bourbon Street jazz. It is something you can smile and dance to. Their song is happiness and life. It sparkles and warms you like a spicy gumbo. Good until the last drop, and it does stop.

Cascading harps and chimes. Enter the most beautiful dream sequence. You hears the warm colors of every note. You are taken with the pinks and purples and blues. It is like skating. Enter the electric guitar with its solemn moan. Ba-da-ba-da-da-da-dam. The notes float together with a force of magnetism stronger than the earth’s poles. A sudden pause and classic rock n’ roll blares. The steady beat of the bass drum and twang of the bass guitar simply add to the emerging pallet of vibrancy. Royal gemstone colors start forcing their way out of the soft colors. What was once pastel has been made royal. This song is regal and timeless and highly danceable. As the DJ emerges on the scene her hands twist at the turntables, this single song has become universal. This song invites the world to hope and dream. This is the song that ends to soon. This song is the one you wish to put on repeat, but is rarely ever played. This song was the best I’ve ever heard.

This song remains unknown. It has started brashly, but all my favorite songs do.

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