I was going to write this in the middle of the night, I voted against it. There is hope for me yet. After reading several chapters in 1 Corinthians, I just felt peace over all that has gone on. In my time of silent meditation, I was reminded of a song that I heard three years ago called Faith by Jason Upton.

As, I searched YouTube for this song, some of its lyrics shimmered in my mind,

I say no to the discouragement that keeps me down.

This broken heart inside of me broken in so many pieces by so many circumstances I say no just letting it stay that way.

I’m believing that You still love me, brokenness and all.

I’m believing You will restore me.

You are my Victorious Warrior.

It’s not about the car I have; it’s not about the friends I have; it’s not about the house I have or the social status I have. It’s about me and You.

Ugh and something in my heart just shifted. I know I am not on the mountain top, but I would rather be in the lowest valley with the deep hope and peace and assurance that come from Christ, than on the highest mountain top boasting in my pride.

(epic and high sigh) Jesus, just thank you. I am so small. You could let this little sheep wander off if You wanted to; the herd is so big. Yet, you find me. I love you so much. I don’t even know what to say. it is like night and day. You are my Morning Star.

Any Thoughts?

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