Before I moved to Houston and matured into using WordPress. I was on Tumblr. The time I had my Tumblr, I was extremely transparent. (If you want to see simply click here and scroll to August 2012 and earlier) I wrote liberally and probably produced some of my greatest personal blogs in that time. My WordPress has become so impersonal. I feel so distant from it at times. I feel like I am writing for a job. Well, now that I am finished with my job, I want to spend the month writing and getting more personal again. My posts will not be as long, but they will be much more me-ish. With that I begin actually writing Selah.

Constantly working with kids in foster care bred restlessness in me. Before my year, I could spend all day in my room and have a grand time. I could do absolutely nothing and be in complete bliss. I am spending the next month at home in Atlanta. I cannot enter my house without finding DIY projects I could be doing, something I could be cleaning, or just some sort of activity to make me move around. My mom is telling me that I need to transition into rest, but there is so much that I want to do in the house.

All, I can think about though is the word Selah. A Hebrew word found in several psalms and in the book of the Habakkuk, it is often translated into a liturgical music mark meaning stop and listen. It is meant to stress the importance of the preceding passage or underline the importance of the next paragraph.

That is the only way I can describe what this next month is going to be for me. This is my Selah.

Lord, give me the rest and peace I need. Rest to calm down and peace to simply hear You. Help me to stop so I can listen. Help me to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. Amen

Any Thoughts?

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