The Aesthetics of Functionality

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have fluctuating body issues. One day, I hate my body; the next I’m all fat acceptance. In my desire to think of my life more pragmatically. I have decided to stop looking at my body aesthetically and look at it more functionally? Which begs the question: Does my body do what I want it to do? Does my body behave and react to well to what I put in it? Can my body handle my lifestyle or the lifestyle I want to have? If I can answer yes, than I should continue living the way I have lived. However, the answer is no, so what is the solution to make this a yes? Change.

Something I want my body to do is run a half marathon in March. My body cannot even run a 5k without wanting to pass out. So, I have decided to start running…..well walk/jogging to get my body to a place to where it can run a half marathon. It is not there yet, but it is better than where it was two weeks ago. IMPROVEMENT! I’ve done some research and they (doctors, nutritionists, healthy people) say that diet matter too. Who would have thought? Exercise AND DIET! Like peanut butter and jelly (which I will not be eating). However, as I look back on my life and think of the food I have eaten, there has only been on instance where I did in fact notice that the food I ate made me feel better. Oddly enough it was when I was doing a very specific fast. No land meat. No bread. No rice. No sugar (natural or processed). Only fish, fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates, and eggs(because I cannot go without eggs). So….I’m going to do that.

Okay, just to touch on the emotional part of having a body that does NOT resemble what is seen as an attractive body. I came across this note on tumblr and it really sat with me.

When I realized that I am not my body, I became free. 



Any Thoughts?

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