God, Goals, and Sacrifice

The post will probably be all over the place. However, it is one o’clock in the morning; I have five kids; I’m about to do something completely reasonably nonsensical, and I am at complete peace with it all….kind of.

I have fleshed out Philippians 1 and 2 for two months now. I haven’t read past chapter 2 verse 7. I have worked to allow the words in each verse penetrate my heart and just live through me. At the beginning of Philippians 2, Paul begins talking about humility and servanthood. Verses three and four were impressed on me the most:

 Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit. Don’t live your life attempting to become something great simply for the sake of people fawning after you or pride in yourself. But in humility count others more significant than yourself. In any position count those above you and below you as if the are more valuable than you. Let each of you not only look to his own interests. It is fine to have interests and lives and goals you work towards. But also look into the interests and lives and goals of others. 

The Lord has challenged me to look into the interests of others. For a while, I thought interests meant hobbies, and in some cases it does. When the Bible uses the word interest it means, a subject about which one is concerned or enthusiastic.  Imagine enthusiastic was not listed in the definition. Could you imagine the plethora of subjects people are concerned about? Some are secret and hidden. Others are obvious. They are so obvious that it is astounding that we don’t act on them so quickly. With my line of work it is often pretty obvious when I could live out Philippians 2: 3-4. But, I don’t. Many times, I sit wondering where is the person looking out for my interests and what concerns me? Man, don’t you see how ungodly that is? How un-Christ loving that statement is. Going back to my post about suffering, I also ask do I sacrifice enough? Do I look at all the resources I have -money, networks of people, knowledge- and put them on the altar for the Lord to use any which way He wants? Second, shot in the heart. Third, God is my source. Seriously, He is pretty concerned about my life. Why is that not good enough for me? Why do I sometimes live my life as if God is not good enough for me?

Do, I sacrifice enough? Do I count all I have as loss, to simply know Christ and be more like Him each day? I don’t know? I really don’t know. Money withers, but the older I get the more important it becomes to me. Finding a life mate is important, but my time here is so profoundly temporal. What does it matter if I am poor, but rich in love? Or perhaps I am not known by many, but because of me many know Christ? Where can I sacrifice more? And not only sacrifice for those who know the Lord, but for those who don’t. How can I regard others people’s concerns more than my own who do not know the Lord, who do not love Him, and may never ever know Him?

God, teach me to give it all away. Keep me out of the mindset that all I need is some material item to be secure or to be happy. All I need is You. Remind me not to rest on my limited knowledge about life, but to trust that if You want me to give it all away, that You will sustain me. All I need is You.

Sacrifice is covered. Now onto goals and God. One morning earlier this week I realized I have no hard and fast goals for my life. Which may sound bleak, but I am not dismayed. Some people have goals on when they want to get married. The way I see it when he is here, he is here. If I place a time frame on when I want him here, I am more apt to confuse another guy for him. I am in no rush. Also, marriage is not a goal. Marriage is a long-standing process, where the goal is forever the same: stay married. I want kids (5 and counting), but that is not a goal. That is a human, actually several growing humans. Ultimately, when I say goal I mean a career. Which is ironic because I don’t know what I am going to do as a career. I have all these ideas floating around in my head, but I have not been given clearance to see what my life will be. And ya see, while I don’t have life goals I have God. He guides me on what I should do, and then I do it (for the most part… I’m not worried about what I am going to be. Whether or not I should work in a church or missionary work or do something totally unrelated to my masters program. All i know is that when I need to know; I know then I go.

Welp, I am tired and have to work again tomorrow, but I have enjoyed getting back into the swing of writing. Hopefully, I can continue in love, kindness, and humor.


Any Thoughts?

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