Tapping Out

Today, well, today sucks. Today is heavy and sorrowful. Today began with a gun shot piercing through the rooms. My day has begun with the roof caving in. Today is loud and disappointing and dreadful.

I am not fond of fighting movies, but my friend Laurie, had me watch Warrior. The action was stellar and swelled drastically. However, the moments that stand out to me most in that film are fight scenes in the end with Brendan Conlon. This man is simple. He is a former fighter, a teacher, a husband, and a father of two. He is fighting solely to provide for his family. He essentially is a no name, nobody. He makes it into an MMA tournament. Within the tournament, he faces Koba. Internationally renowned fighter. Best in the WORLD. First round, Koba destroys him. He tosses Conlon around like a rag doll. NO, Koba shakes the stuffing out of him like a rag doll. Watching it the first time made me entirely anxious. However, this is it. As you see, Colon is degraded. Koba attempts to kill him. Conlon survives two rounds of torment. He is banged up. He is bloody. He is bruised. He keeps fighting though….and guess what?


He wins. He wins.

I am Brendan and my life fight now is renowned Russian MMA fight, Koba. My life, seasons with training, is wailing on me. My life not only has muscles, but its muscles are bulging like they are laced with horse steroids. My life is trying is not attempting to get me simply tap out. My life in this moment is attempting to drive me to utter ruin. And if I didn’t know better, I think my life (like Koba) is trying to kill me. My back it against the fence. I am getting bashed in the brains. I am in a headlock gasping for air, losing consciousness.

Today is a bad day but, I promise before God, I will NOT tap out.


One thought on “Tapping Out

  1. Katy April 22, 2014 / 9:32 PM

    Get it girl. You got this 🙂

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