Day 6: Current Events

Sept 6th: A “currently…” post. Tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc. 

reading more like NOT READINGmy books for seminary. I am however attempting to read the Bible straight through…does that count?
watching Kath & Kim. It is a show from Australia…it is pretty good, but I am going to need my regular programming to come back.
trying to be patient while I wait for housing and stop cussing….I am failing at the cussing though. I am going to blame my teens for it.
…failing at this no dating or men for a year. I have the emotional self-control and hormones of a 12-year-old girl. I like men SO MUCH!
eating nothing now, but I just ate two donuts….I wasn’t even hungry…..#fatgirlproblems

praying for my teens. In a four-day work week, I have had 3 days of sorrow.
tweeting is for basics
…instagramming the Malaysian food I am about to eat in an hour and fifteen minutes
going to go dancing later tonight.
loving my life. It is cray.
discovering that my diet of fast food is jacking up my body and self-esteem. Also, that I might need a friend to look at my car
enjoying being 24
...thinking about boys…obviously…just kidding…a little bit…think about why I have procrastinated so much…but I will deal with it later.
feeling hot. Temperature wise, not like sultry….
hoping for patience and wisdom and discernment
listening to Symbols and Signs by Beautiful Eulogy it is part of my SOH Teen Playlist
thanking God for the near close of a difficult 6 months.
starting to realize how flawed I am compared to the Father, but also how loved I am, and how I don’t deserve it.

Any Thoughts?

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