Day 7: Book Club

Sept 7th: What’s on your current reading list? Or what have you read that you recommend?

Currently, only school books are on my reading list. I haven’t much time for anything else. Feel free to judge, but I love watching television. It is not that I prefer television over reading, but television requires no brain activity on my part. I just take it in. Reading, makes my imagination sore and makes me feel too much sometimes. As terrible as it sounds, sometimes, I just want to be numb after a day of work.

However, I do love books. I love stories. The last book I completed was I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou and Of Mice and Men by Jonathan Steinbeck . It was right before her death. It was beautiful. I am hoping to reading more books by minority and foreign authors. I would love to get into Spanish literature and African literature. If you have any recommendations let me know.

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