I Will Bring Praise

This is my prayer in the desert.

When all that’s within me feels dry

This is my prayer in my hunger and need

My God is the God who provides…

…and I will BRING PRAISE


In the American church a phenomenon has taken over. Sunday morning worship through music has morphed from adoration to God to self-indulgent empty praise of the church and its members. I have returned to hymnals and some other Christ centered music to focus back on Jesus. I turned on Pandora; Desert Song played. I listened to the lyrics. As, I analyzed them, I heard the words anew. The author of this song is experiencing emptiness. They feel as if they have nothing to offer the Father. I do not take ownership of the lyrics, but simply want to add depth.

This is my prayer in the land of nothing.

When my soul is shriveled and wilted.

This Lord is my call to you in my hunger for You and need of Your Presence

My God is the God who provides.

It sings like a Psalm. We do experience lack and emptiness. In this year, I have been in a desert at time. My relationship with Christ has dried. And, have I been familiar with hunger and need? Yes. In a word yes. Sometimes, in the physical sense. Most time, spiritually. I have needed Christ. I have needed God to just intervene in the struggle of my life. In all of this, the singers response is, “I will bring praise”.

I am convicted by these lyrics. So, often I bring my complaints and laments to the Father. I bring my requests and need to the Father. In my struggle do I ever bring praise? Sadly, I do not. Because, while I looked through my window at the church and judged; I should have first looked at the mirror. My prayers are self-centered. What do I bring to the Father?

Forgive me O Lord. While, I am in this desert. I will bring praise. You are worthy of praise in all my circumstances. In battle, in triumph, in solitude, in society, in failure, in success, in deserts, and in fields, you are worthy of my praise.


Any Thoughts?

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