Day 14: Blogger ➵ Tumblr ➵ WordPress

Sept 14th: When did you start blogging and why?

Blogging initially served as an extension of my journaling. I have been keeping an account of my life since I was twelve. I was foolish and threw away my early adolescent journal, but my first blog was actually on blogger. It is ironic because I literally decided to look at it 3 days ago.

It says I have been blogging since 2007.

My first blog was Poem, Limericks, Haikous, and Short Stories. As, I read them now, they are so awful it is hilarious. I was trying to be deep, but it was so forced that it is almost hilarious. I have 2 more blogs through blogger. Not Mine. But Thine. and Why Write Words. The first highlights the first couple years of having a serious relationship with Christ. It is insane, but there is a post about race in there that is so different then how I think about it now. The other, was a blog that I had to do to pass a class. I was the only one who posted on time. i doubt my professor even read it.

In 2010, I transitioned to Tumblr. Where I originally had a blog called the Monster Diaries, then I changed it to The Real Aesthetics, then to The Release Button, but finally I settled on The Nonliinear Life. Sound familiar? My current blogging account is still linked through there, but I only post content on Tumblr, when I don’t want people I know very well reading it. Oddly, Tumblr is for the personal posts that don’t make it in WordPress. If you go through the archives you are able to see all the hilarity that is my life as I have posted on Tumblr. I also have Tumblr simply titled God and Tosin. It was the blog where I talked to God as if He read my blog. It helped the development of our relationship.

Finally, as I move to Houston, I decided on WordPress for my adult life. I had worked with WordPress as a previous job and love the formality of it. Now, I have The Non-Linear Life. Which chronicles the hilarity and humbling experience that is my life.

Oddly, I started blogging with the hopes, that if I ever lose my memory I would have a way to remember or at least empathize with myself. Blogging now has become cathartic and a soothing mechanism. Many times in writing, God would speak to me or silence me. I love it, and will probably keep on blogging until kingdom come.


Any Thoughts?

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