Day 16: Secrets don’t Make Friends…

Sept 16th: “Most people don’t know this but…”

I have had at least 10 different careers in mind since I was 18.

  • Psychiatrist
  • Church Auditor
  • Talk Show Host
  • Actress
  • Life Coach
  • Singer
  • Plus Size Fashion Model
  • Missionary
  • Writer
  • Mother of Many

I am theatrical

I love hosting people.

I love blogging, and think words are fascinating in that they create stories.

I love making new friends.

Whenever, I work with kids I feel like a mom.

I miss being a mother.

My last job hurt me more than imagined.

I loathe the smell of vanilla

I am not crafty unless it includes the usage of tools or spray paint

I still have not mastered how to talk to men I like, if fact I have become more awkward

My love for people, comes out of my love for Jesus

I can pick up songs, dance, and acting quickly

I plan to see the world. I hope to have friends on every continent, by the time I’m 30.

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa

My favorite senses are touch and smell

Tomorrow I see Justin Nozuka LIVE in concert!


One thought on “Day 16: Secrets don’t Make Friends…

  1. your wife September 16, 2014 / 11:42 PM

    Tosin. If someone doesn’t know you’re theatrical, then that person doesn’t know you. End of argument. You need another entry for that slot.

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