Day 19: A Word of Advise

Sept 19th: If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

As, I mount the podium to face an audience of many believers sweat begins to tread down my face. I breathe in and that breath cools my entire existence and with an exhale I begin. 

Nothing, I tell you is new. For there is in fact nothing new under the sun. There are, however, many adages of wisdom left untried. One of the greatest would be wholehearted servitude towards others. In our American culture, we have somehow figured that individualism is sensible and realistic. This is not only true, but a mechanism of those who have to oppose those who don’t. We approve their knowledge, but cherish it as wisdom. Their words while loud are often not true, but affected. This is not a knock to those who have. Their knowledge of wealth is not offensive, but their viewpoints on the usage of it is.

Nevertheless, this lesson of wholehearted servitude is not solely for the wealthy, but for those who have little. Because the stipulations to serve one another are few. (1) Find an individual to serve. (2) Serve them.

While, this servitude seems apparently easy we (as a humanity and the church) have failed to do it with the intensity and integrity of the brothers and sisters who came before us, namely early church in the days after the resurrection of Christ. We have surpassed them in quantity yet we must look at the quality of how we serve. Do we serve one another well? Do we consider all that we have God’s or just the 10%-15%? I ask this not to offend, but rather bring to attention. All we have is His. Has His sovereignty somehow shifted? NO! It has not. It remains constant. So, if the Lord God is sovereign over all do we have a right to claim items solely belong to us? Ponder. If God created the universe are not all items made of the universe still His? Are we not using His items to make something else? I oft wander into tangents. Allow me to return.

Wholehearted servitude. It makes not sense to not define both words. First the noun, then the adjective.

the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
Who exactly are we in service to? In order to be slave mustn’t one have a master? For us our adoption never came with a paper trail, but a river of blood. Our Master is also a Good Father; Our Saviour is Our Brother. His power? Unmatched by multitudes. The is no one who dare raise an insurrection against the Resurrection. Kings have come before and after, none have prevailed. We are both His slave and His child.
showing or characterized by complete sincerity and commitment.
Our service is sincere. Our slavery is not one of bondage, but of freedom. We are slaves, but we are also liberated. How does one respond to that, but with honest commitment to the Master. Did He free us so we could be bound? No! No! No!
However, our wholehearted servitude was not solely meant for the King, but for all those in His Kingdom. Should be not serve one another with commitment and sincerity. Is it even possible to do, while accosted with this forsaken flesh? Why yes. Yes, it is. It is not easy, but it comes from a place where we all agree that the foundation of our faith is not based on man ordained economies. The rich, the poor, the majority, the minority, the smart, the foolish, the normal, the abnormal, the beautiful, the hideous. These do not matter, when compared to the economy of Christ. My advice to you, is to pursue the King and those in His Kingdom with wholehearted servitude. Let us give without account. Let us lay down our lives. Let us escape the idea that our faith leads to cozy lives. Let us run to those in need with both faith and provisions. Let us not meet people’s needs, but simply meet people. Let us now go forth and be conduits of who can actually change the world.

Any Thoughts?

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