Day 20: A Day in the Life

Sept 20th: Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

Honestly, as a vagabond everyday looks a little different. Let me just give you a timeline.

7:15AM Alarm goes off

8:00AM I finally get out of bed

8:02AM I brush my teeth and contemplate a shower

8:30AM I change into my clothes for the day

9:00AM I eat breakfast (waffle and boiled eggs)

11:30AM I leave for work

11:45AM I arrive at work and get stuff done admin work is 1000xs easier when my teens are not there.

1:00PM Eat lunch and pretend I have only been there for 15 minutes compared to an hour and a half

3:30PM Get distracted by the teenagers who have arrived from school early

5:00PM Hang out in the atrium of SOH while my teens eat dinner, retreat to my office and eat alone at my desk

6:00PM Try and keep the teens and myself calm.

7:00PM The teens settle down for Bible Study

8:00PM Get the teens out of the teen room

8:30PM Clean the teen room

9:00PM Continue administrative work

10:30PM Leave from work

11:00PM Return to place of sleep for the evening (it alternates sometimes)

12:00midnight Settle in for 2 hours of restlessness

2:30PM Fall asleep due to exhaustion

I live an interesting life. Also, it is probably a bad idea to be blogging at 3:00AM in a diner.


Any Thoughts?

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