Why is the Fat Chick Eating Salad?

When on Whole30, salads are by far one of the cheapest meals for me to make. Spinach, chicken, almonds, sugar snap peas, egg, and dressing. I can eat that for five days for the grand total $15, which is $3.00/day. As a single woman balancing living in Houston and going to seminary full-time maintaining a balanced budget is a tedious process. However, that process is even harder when you are on a moderately, restrictive diet. Yes, Whole 30 is my choice. The benefits of Whole 30 are astronomical for me. As someone with imbalanced hormones, diet is really 2/3rds of my battle….but back to the salad bit.

Salads are not my favorite, but they favor my pocket-book. All during last week salads were my lunch meal of choice. Most lunchtimes and dinnertimes, I spend in isolation, either sitting at my desk and working or just alone. Weirdly, this week, I found myself surrounded by people while eating. Each time, I broke out the salad, people would respond with a comment to this effect, “Look at you eating healthy. Are you trying to lose some weight?” It is a really harmless question. However, when asking it there are several assumptions being made.

(1) Any overweight or obese person eating a salad must be attempting to lose weight. This is wrong for a variety of reasons. There are a minority of people who just enjoy eating salad. There is a minority, in that minority, of people who are overweight who enjoy eating salad. Depending on how it is made, I like salad. My distaste for salad is based on the temperature of the food. I hate cold salad. I love room temperature ones. I also love a cold salad with a freshly cooked protein on the top. The only completely cold salads I love are Chick-fil-A ones.

(2) People also immediately assume that salads are inherently healthy. Ranch, people, ranch. In fact all the things that typically make salads delicious also make your pants tighter. So, there.

(3) That my weight and eating of this salad are something to be discussed or celebrated. No one celebrates with me when, I am eating Chick-fil-A (and they should).

So, yeah, basically don’t address my meals if I am eating a salad.

Also, know this post was completely satirical and I don’t really care, what you say about the food I eat.


2 thoughts on “Why is the Fat Chick Eating Salad?

  1. Brittany March 14, 2015 / 11:33 AM

    I really enjoyed this post! I agree that people should keep certain comments to themselves. I’m loving the budget breakdown for salads. I should eat more of them. Where do you grocery shop in Houston?

    • thenonlinearlife April 5, 2015 / 11:03 PM

      I shop at Kroger the most. However, I am looking to get more produce from Farmer’s Markets.

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