Future Glory

In the midst of suffering, God’s glory it hardest to see. When, recapping my life, it is difficult to attempt to justify the crap I’ve survived. Paternal issues, homelessness, depression, and addiction has plagued 24 years of my existence. Those moments of pain were unbearable. What does not kill you, can make you stronger. It can also make you bitter, weak, angry, resentful, hardened, and numb. Most of my life has been experienced that way. Dad hardened my heart. Homelessness made me resentful. Depression’s numbness hollowed so deeply that the echos of suicide resounded loudly and chimed as church bells. Addition created a fearful shame.

“Your perspective O’ Lord” has been my prayer. His eyes have cast a vision of last year that, I would have never seen. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. He conceals what will be revealed in order that I may trust Him. If, I were to know God’s purposes in suffering, then I would not lean on Him. What is this future glory? What will be revealed in me? We have this unknown comparison between the present and the future with the knowledge that the future will be better.  In fact with a God-given guarantee that the future will be better. Why do I get caught up in the present? Why does suffering weigh me down so harshly? 

All of these are great questions, but they are not meant to be answered as I write at 2:37AM. This post is FUTURE GLORY. It is how God take the past (present) suffering and uses it as a mean for present (future) glory. This future glory is not a home or power or money or security. This future glory is a unity in the fellowship of brothers past, present, and future through suffering. In suffering, I sit with my brothers Job and John and Jeremiah who all suffered to see the advancement of the Kingdom. All of this pales comparatively to the idea that I can be closest to Christ when I suffer with him. My series of post will be titled future glory with the aim to discuss, how God took a shitty year of my life and redeemed it.

This is future glory.


Any Thoughts?

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