The Thin Line

Apathy and over-concern, these are the two sides of a difficult dichotomy in which I function. I don’t know if this is common in all fields of work. I assume it is, but it is only exacerbated when your entire job is to serve people. There is this massive blending of my work with my person. I try so hard to keep my blues, blue, my reds, red, and my yellows, yellow.

Lately, I have been struggling in how I relate to my teens. I think they are too close to me. I love them, but sometimes I don’t think they see me as an adult. How to you create respect with people you love? Detachment? I don’t know. Boundaries? Today, except for two teens, I have sat in my office in complete silence without a single adolescent chatting with me. In the introvert/extrovert spectrum I find myself drawn towards introversion these days. I don’t hate the spotlight, but I would much rather just be alone. When I am not in touch with internal processes, I am a much more annoying extrovert.

How do you walk between caring and not caring? Is this even a me problem or a teen problem?



Any Thoughts?

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