Twenty-five by Twenty-five

I turn a quarter of a century this year, and I want to accomplish 25 things before I do so. Some of the things I have already done, but I have some more to go. August 31 is the deadline

  1. Find a place to live. 
  2. Road trip by myself.
  3. Wear something that makes me feel AMAZING!
  4. Try to only speak in song lyrics.
  5. Eat vegan for a week
  6. Try out for the a model search
  7. Have a deep conversation with a stranger
  8. Do a cartwheel, somersault, or handstand
  9. Lead worship
  10. Perform a random act of kindness in total secret
  11. Memorize the first chapter of Philippians
  12. Perform at an open mic night
  13. Throw a random surprise party for no reason for my teens
  14. Hold downward dog for a minute
  15. Wash my car
  16. Attend a play
  17. Host a dinner party
  18. Read a classic
  19. Wear heels for a week.
  20. Plan a vacation
  21. Go to a play
  22. Email my dad
  23. Try a dance craze
  24. Figure out what form of physical activity I love
  25. TBD

Any Thoughts?

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