Do You Trust Me?

Much of human relationships hinges on trust. We disclose tiny bits of information to test the waters and see if we can trust other people. Sometimes, we are thrown head first into situations that require that we quickly trust in someone else’s abilities. It is scary, because we don’t know if it will pan out in our best interest or screw us over deeply.

Last year was so spiritually noisy, silence with Him was unbearable. He is faithful. As another storm begins to roll in, my faith in strengthened as I turn to Him.

I hear Him meekly ask me, “Do you trust me?” 

“Yes, but…”

“No. Do you trust me?”

In this moment, the realities of God’s incommunicable attributes are displayed. I can trust Him. I keep treating God like people as if, I have to test His trustworthiness. He is faithful. He has kept all promises, He has made. He is worthy to be trusted.

We welcomed sunny days with the occasional cloud

With sprinkles of rain, not making much sound

The Captain and helpmate have set sail. 

Post monsoon, we have prevailed. 

In the hurricane, as the Captain steered

My courage fled me, introducing fear.

The Captain has saved me from wretched woes

Ounce for ounce, He took my blows.

I have reason to trust Him as the storm looms ahead

For He is not just my Captain, but Compass and Friend

So, as we traverse mountains, air, and sea. 

I will answer, “Yes”. When he asks, “Do you trust me?”


Any Thoughts?

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