Twenty-Six by Twenty-Six (Alphabet Soup)

I feel like I wait to long to make these lists and time opposes me as I try to complete them. In honor of the alphabet and the number 26, I’m going to alphabetize this birthday list. Well, I have 289 days to make this happen.

  1. Ask difficult questions. (Any conversation that ended in tears)
  2. Be confrontational.(Dat retreat doe)
  3. Create something for someone else. (I made a book)
  4. Defend myself and what I believe in a loving way.
  5. Encounter divine spontaneity. (On a plane ride to NYC, I was encouraged by a sister)
  6. Find an additional best friend. (Heidi)
  7. Go on a mission trip.
  8. Humble myself sacrificially like Christ. (WERK)
  9. Invest deeply in others with no concern for a return. (My teens)
  10. Juice cleanse!
  11. Keep up with my friends better. (HOU to NYC)
  12. Lessen the things on my plate. (Lower church involvement)
  13. Marvel Universe Marathon (summer, summer, summer tiiimmmmeee)
  14. Not be consumed by my weight, but to be strong (Marathon Training)
  15. Open some sort of skymiles credit card.
  16. Pay off my credit card.
  17. Quiet my heart through deep solitude. (Colorado)
  18. Risk. (Because, NO ONE has time for bullshit authenticity)
  19. Start being counseled.
  20. TREAT YO’SELF (Mani/pedi life)
  21. Understand what it means to give yourself grace.
  22. Vacation somewhere new. (Denver, Colorado)
  23. Worship like a child (2nd Girls Conference)
  24. X-day (Shine a Light on Slavery Day)
  25. Yield myself to submit to others (Church)
  26. Zipline.

Any Thoughts?

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