God makes the pathways. He makes the wayward line go straight, but He is not swayed by their curves. He has walked them before. He treads behind. Bringing light to the darkest mind. Alpha. Omega. Moon and Star Maker. Brother and Savior.

I march to 2016, knowing the Lord has already been there. He dwells in it and past it. Eternity is his entity. Breathing life into all of it. It is His story, not mine. Why live for purposes that are not divine? My ending is futile. In 100 years, no one will remember my name. Yet, the world will still sing of God. Let your name be proclaimed! Forget my name! It does not compare. It does not matter, if it is not saturated with a meaning dictated by Creator.

I want Your will.

I want Your ways.

I want You.

Any Thoughts?

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