This song has characterized the last 24 hours of my time with Jesus. Theology is wondrous. It leads to an understanding. God has made it simple to know Him. It is the simplicity of my response to Christ and His cross that resounds in this song. He is not a fairy-tale at worst and historical figure at best. It’s a rather simple surrender. This surrender reminds me that all I do-at work, home, church, privately-is for Him. I am His.

My Prayer

Father, allow these few words to echo into the deepest parts of sorrow in our hearts and remind us that we are not abandoned in our sadness. It frightens me, but in the darkest moments of life I have to remember God is real. God is good. God is with me. God weeps with me.

For us in the midst of joy, let it sing to the deep desires we have to belong. We belong to You. To those in the middle, let us hum a truth and not forget it in daily monotony.

“Abba, I belong to You.”

Any Thoughts?

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