Music Monday: It’s Not Enough by the Modern Post

I love God. I love music. I love that I serve God who loves music. I love that there is music about God. Unfortunately, in a world where Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and Gospel dominate, it is hard to find all other artists who express a love for God in a manner that elevates musicality and deep pensiveness on the things of God.

With this, I have decided for the month of April to host something called “Music Mondays”. Each Monday in April, I will post 2-3 songs every Monday that have pushed me to contemplate and ask questions about God, myself, and what I believe.

There is a lie told to people my age. It is a lie promoting building empires and being powerful and living for now. It is a lie exalting the ideology of gathering wealth and attaining status. It is a lie rebelling against the fundamental purpose of man’s existence. It is a lie, but one that is revered and reinforced as truth.

Solomon says so much about our empty pursuit, about our “chasing after the wind”. I will not steal his well crafted lament in Ecclesiastes. His words resonate that this lie is pervasive and has existed for millenia. He knew truth, but chose to live in the lie. As, he made residency with this lie, He found a growing emptiness that his empires and his harem singers and his wealth could not satiate. These material things are not enough.

It’s Not Enough by The Modern Post reflects this lament. This song never blatantly reaches the conclusions Solomon does. Rather, it drives the idea, that these treasures we lay up on earth–the ones moth and rust will destroy–are not enough. We can strive and persevere. We can toil and labor. We can play the game and live the lie. We can heap up our good deeds publicly, while we privately are being consumed with sin. All while we feed this seemingly bottomless lie.

With a simple beginning that crescendos into a melancholy drenched end, It’s Not Enough does a brilliant job moving the listener from contentment to frustration and despair. The grit of lead singer, Dustin Kenrsue’s, voice pangs at the lie: man’s desire to be self-sufficient. His words address it and tells us all what we do not what to hear: these things are not enough and you are not enough.



Any Thoughts?

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