I the Incredible Hulk

I hate movies. I find the dedication to them to be tedious. However, there is a very generous space in my heart for the Marvel Universe. Without even knowing the premise of most of the movies, I am drawn in by the multiple characters and interconnected plotlines. Backed by Disney’s budget, I am drawn to spend hours watching and rewatching the films. I have actually dedicated every Friday night of my summer to watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies in order. Last week it was Iron Man. Last night it was The Incredible Hulk.

Edward Norton makes a brilliant Hulk. He is just amazing, period. There is something about him that makes my heart swell. I could be his skill as an actor. It could be that nose. I dunno.

While, watching the movie last night there was something about Bruce Banner being the Hulk that reminded me of the worst parts of myself. Please stay with me on this, but I think the Incredible Hulk is an amazing representation of how Christ redeemed the worst parts of me. Now, before you close out whatever tab you are reading this on, because you found out I am a Christian, at least read through and decide for yourself.

The Incredible Hulk begins with Banner being willingly injected with gamma radiation making him strong and unstoppable, but violent and destructive. Imagine, Eve and Adam in the garden. Knowing there are risks with eating the fruit, but so focused on the benefits, they are blindsided by its volatile consequences. After injected and they see and feel the effects of their choice, Adam, Eve, and Bruce all go into hiding. Pleading that they will not be found out.

Adam and Eve have a just and benevolent God, whose punishment comes with the promise of redemption. Banner, on the other hand, is hunted like an animal. Currently, all of this may seem loose. Which is okay. It is meant to be.

What stands out to me the most in all of this, is in the end what was meant for our annihilation is used for our redemption. Banner in becoming the Incredible Hulk, saving the city from Abomination. Using the gamma rays that make him strong and indestructible to destroy evil. Christ working through my sin to sanctify me and make me new.

Maybe this doesn’t hold up. Maybe you are regretting to read this to the end, but either way it’s okay. Because for me, it was just a brief moment on a Friday night where God decided to remind me of His faithfulness.

Isn’t that incredible?


One thought on “I the Incredible Hulk

  1. Underoos June 5, 2016 / 8:02 AM

    Its has always been a humorous and exciting experience to watch the MCU movies and I being a fanboy have to agree on your relevant thought and a side of the comic legend I never realized, thanks for writing it down.

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