Not This, BUT That


During the summer, I read Jesus’ most popular sermon: The Sermon on the Mount. I memorized the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11) as a 4th grader. Two summers ago, I sat in a singles series about this same sermon. But this month, for the first time, something stood out. In the midst of car malfunctions, Portland, and personal breakdowns, it jumped off the page and landed in the recesses of my soul.

In Matthew 6, Jesus makes statements following this pattern, “Don’t do __________, but _________”. The final one is this,


If, I am honest all I do is worry about my life. Is seminary the right choice? How am I going to pay off my credit card? Will I ever get married? What if I fail as a manager? What if I hurt my teens? How do I lead a team well? What is wrong with me? What if choosing me was a mistake? What if leaving is the wrong choice? What? How? Where? Why?

These things overwhelm me. They overtake me. Which is why when Jesus says this it is so audacious, because it is such a simple task, but completely insurmountable. It is a question based on priority. It is rooted in the fact, God provides me with everything. Even what I worry about it given to me by the precious hand of God. It is a choice. Will I trust The Sovereign God will make good on his promises or will I step in and try to figure out my life on my own.

It is…

simple over excess

quality over quantity

trust over worry

kingdom over life

God over me

Happy Birthday 🙂


Any Thoughts?

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