What Exactly am I Looking At?

It is Wednesday night, my sole goal this week is to survive it. Problems here. Problem there. Problems, problems everywhere. All of them tremendous and unsolvable with many tiny moving parts getting stuck in gear. My hands are weary. My labors are vanity and a chasing of the wind. It is pointless. Why try? Why?

I sit on my bed, reflecting on my day. What do I see problems or people?

Problems have gears and hands that grow weary.

People have hearts needing to be guided more clearly.

Problems, unsolvable, feel like time wasted.

People, resolvable, God’s master creation.

Problems are pointless and rise up again.

People are purposed and serve a greater end.

Since Monday all I have seen are problems. God forgive me for not seeing people who so deeply need You. People are not problems. People have problems. As the last 3/7ths of the week rounds out, I pray for my depth perception.




Any Thoughts?

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