Lenten Prayer #4: Lust of the Eyes

Vision is the most two-faced of the senses. Eyes open to landscapes of mountains grandeur and beaches and city skylines illuminating night skies. Eyes open to violence and sex and corruption. I can’t stop seeing things. Even, if I wanted to, I can’t stop seeing. I can stop looking. The temptation to pluck my eyes out is ever-present. My seeing has turned to looking. My looking has turned to pictures and images branded to my brain. I cannot erase them.


Create in me a clean heart. Create in me clean eyes. Create in me clear vision. Help my see, without looking for too long. Help me look with shock at evil. Help me not search for evil. My eyes lead me to temptation. Keep me from falling into temptation. I need the One greater than myself to save me again.  

Christ have mercy. Spirit fill me.  



Any Thoughts?

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