The Short Version

APRIL 16, 2014

I am an ambitious twenty-three year old with a heart filled with love and hope for the world around me. I search for new experience and still love living my life outside the expected routine (still don’t knock it though). Daily, I try to see the Hand of God in each person I meet and then respond with the love of God. I love intensely. I love passionately. I love past faults. I am a humble Christian, an overly confident woman, a surprising intellectual, and a book that God is penning an incredible odyssey for.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

I am a twenty-two year old with the wide-eyed interest in the world around me. It is quite similar to a two year old. I am open to new experiences and to living a life outside of standard procedure (I don’t knock it though). I love to love for I know love. I love passionately and past faults. I am a proud Christian, a beautiful woman, an aspiring intellectual, and a co-foster parent to five children and counting.