Here in this Place

If you read through a couple of my blog posts (like the previous one) or have a heart-to-heart conversation with me, you will know I have had my lot of daddy issues. From hating the man to ignoring his existence to being here in this place with him, I have struggled greatly with the way … More Here in this Place

Top 5 Seminaries

Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, Missouri) Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas or Houston, Texas) Grace College and Seminary (Winona Lake, Indiana) Talbot School of Theology (Los Angeles, California) Columbia International University (Columbia, South Carolina) That’s right kids. You heard it here first. Tosin is applying to seminary. I knew I was supposed to go to seminary two … More Top 5 Seminaries

Fleeting Friendships

For the past three months, I have struggled to confront a former friend of a mindless indiscretion surrounding a birthday party. Which all in all makes me question the nature of my collegiate friendships. I think for most of college I was pretty lonely. I had friends I think. I was an Orientation Leader, which puts you in … More Fleeting Friendships

Only Time Will Tell

One of the best things about working as a communal foster parent is that my desire for a significant other is fading. Years, I’ve obsessed about having a boyfriend and getting married. Perhaps, I thought a relationship was the greatest purpose I could submit my life to. It is not. It really isn’t. It has been my … More Only Time Will Tell