The 2nd X

The last significant interaction I had with my father happened in 2014. I had just lost my job at Casa. I was homeless, carless, and finishing my first semester of seminary. My dad promised to bring a car for me that upcoming Saturday. I waited at a Starbucks on Buffalo Speedway doing homework, trying to … More The 2nd X

Here in this Place

If you read through a couple of my blog posts (like the previous one) or have a heart-to-heart conversation with me, you will know I have had my lot of daddy issues. From hating the man to ignoring his existence to being here in this place with him, I have struggled greatly with the way … More Here in this Place

Celebrating Good Men

Sometimes, the one ends up representing the many. That’s what happened to me. For a long time one man has represented all men for me. I made an idol of loathing men. I hate their power. I hate that God asks me to submit to them. They are so untrustworthy. They manipulate people. Men, they … More Celebrating Good Men