What I Believe about Myself

The conclusion of this three-part post and the end of my journey is what I believe about myself. I spend a lot of time thinking about God and the world. It is impossible to think of the two without asking what are the implications for me? Who am I? What’s my purpose? Why am I here? … More What I Believe about Myself

Embodied Resurrection

It’s the day after Easter. I’ve been waiting for this day because for the past two months, I have looked forward to the day after Easter. Christ’ resurrection bodes hope, that the falsity in me won’t eternally separate me from God. However, His return celebrates the hope of the type of connectedness God had planned … More Embodied Resurrection


Oft, I am depressed and lonely. Melancholy is how I naturally orient myself in a broken and tragic world. Deep inhale. To some degree that’s totally and completely okay. My philosophic worldview allows for a destructive force to exist in opposition to Beauty. This force finds itself in me and creates inner conflict. Shit, sometimes it is … More Realer

Keep Forgiving

What’s crazy about this post is that I have had it written since November 8th. I opened it on December 31st at 2am, for one last view before it posted on January 1st and everything changed. What was written prior were the musings of a dog licking their wounds that were entirely avoidable. What follows … More Keep Forgiving


The term “home” has been extremely salient for me this year. In January, my home was with Claire and a flower, a bird, a repetition, and a baby. By April, home had lost its meaning for me. There were many houses I stayed in, but moments in which I struggled to find my place in … More Home