Embodied Resurrection

It’s the day after Easter. I’ve been waiting for this day because for the past two months, I have looked forward to the day after Easter. Christ’ resurrection bodes hope, that the falsity in me won’t eternally separate me from God. However, His return celebrates the hope of the type of connectedness God had planned … More Embodied Resurrection


We are shaped significantly by our failures and trauma. Almost more so than our successes. I don’t know why that is, but I am fantastic at remembering the dates that shaped me. I am terrified that I am no good at all. After five years of seminary and a decade of professed faith, I tremble … More Fraud


I began writing this email on October 21st in my head after leaving church. I plan emotions 6 months in advance. It has been quite the somber season of life. October brought about transitions and there are still many more unfolding, but today will always be a reason for celebration. After trying seasons happen, it … More 31


Oft, I am depressed and lonely. Melancholy is how I naturally orient myself in a broken and tragic world. Deep inhale. To some degree that’s totally and completely okay. My philosophic worldview allows for a destructive force to exist in opposition to Beauty. This force finds itself in me and creates inner conflict. Shit, sometimes it is … More Realer

To Be in Love

I think of all the ones I’ve ever loved, sincerely and purely and wholly. In time, it convolutes. Depravity is not me but with me and sometimes in me. I deeply desire to love in excess without ill motive. Why is it so hard? Why do I fool myself into thinking I can? Why do … More To Be in Love

Object Permanence

From infancy to age two, babies develop object permanence. It is a concept that even when objects are unsensed or unperceived they still continue to exist. It’s 2:34am and I am lost in my thoughts. What is a milestone in infancy, is dismissed by adolescence.  We all to learn objects don’t remain with us permanently. … More Object Permanence

November 27

Tell us about a blog post you didn’t publish. Currently, there are 25 blogs sitting in my draft box. As I look over them they fall into two categories of why they are not published: too personal and too controversial.  Relatable and ambiguous. If I could describe myself and my writing style in two words … More November 27

November 26

Write a poem. Welcome to Life (written November 9, 2008) We live behind painted facesBehind good gracesBehind glass wallsWe come out neverHiding is much betterWe laugh when others fallWe accept no oneWe kill with gunsWe trample on the small Self-Made Valleys (Written October 8, 2018) Is it really a valley if you dug it yourself?Or … More November 26

November 22

Thanksgiving. What are you most thankful for? Life seems like a series of laments in certain seasons. Nevertheless, I am thankful for what feels like a human experience. I don’t care for fame or notoriety. I care to know the goodness of love from God and others. I have been loved really well this year … More November 22

November 11

Write an open letter to your future self. Dear Tosin, Your life has been a whirlwind. Everything in you in this particular moment in history is ready to leave your job, your friends, and yourself behind. STAY. Stay put. I cannot make the promise that the eternal raincloud over your life will go away, but … More November 11

November 10

What does it mean to live boldly? If you know me from work or school you would probably peg me as a shock-jockey. The nonsense that comes out of my mouth at times is appalling. However, I don’t think that it takes a lick of boldness to say what’s on your mind about something or … More November 10