November 13

Favorite place to road trip Waco, TX. Saturday, I completed my fifth trip to Waco, but my third this year. It makes no sense at all. Texas is home to some large and gorgeous cities, the Hill Country, lovely beaches, and some wonderful small towns, but there are none that I love as much as … More November 13


God, In Harvey’s ending, many people, for the first time, considered what it means to be displaced. I did not. 2014 raced through my head. I saw the hand of believers move to serve me, yet I focused on the depression of that year. Remembering the August night spent in my car, terrified and alone. I dwelled … More Displacement

The Language of “I Love You”/Loving My Teens

I have never met three little words as simple and complex and these. Each individual word is only one syllable, but it is as if every letter carries the weight of Kilimanjaro. Because each word means a million other words. At the conclusion of my first year of foster parenting, I wrote a post titled Loving … More The Language of “I Love You”/Loving My Teens

Every Two Weeks

I believe there is a clock, that knows when my payday is. As my payday approaches, without fail something goes extremely wrong, causing me to shell out a large sum of money ($200-$500) to pay for it to be fixed. Air conditioning, tires, spark plugs and coils. Today it is my cell phone. While, in … More Every Two Weeks

Torn to Be Healed

Each year is rationed the same number of days, 365. Most of these days are forgettable. Some stand out more than others, even now my heart awaits with tremendous expectation to celebrate the resurrection on Sunday. However, there are days in my life, where something outstanding happened. So outstanding, that as these dates pass it will remind … More Torn to Be Healed


The term “home” has been extremely salient for me this year. In January, my home was with Claire and a flower, a bird, a repetition, and a baby. By April, home had lost its meaning for me. There were many houses I stayed in, but moments in which I struggled to find my place in … More Home


I slept in my car last night. Reading those words, I am still unable to fully comprehend their meaning. I rarely slept in my car last night. I mostly sat in my car and watched the lights on Heights Boulevard and 14th repeat their steady 25 second pattern: 10 seconds on green, 5 on yellow, … More Resignation

The Good Samaritan

As my life continually attempts to achieve Job status, I find myself reflecting on stories and scriptures in the Bible that appear to hold some sort of parallel into my universe. Like, Job and I would be homies now. I know Paul suffered, but he was too triumphant for me. I would be in the … More The Good Samaritan

The Purge

I am currently researching a blog post that will probably end up being a page of its own. As i research, I am hitting blogger’s block a bit. I don’t really have anything creative to say. So, I will just purge all the trivial thoughts floating in my brain. I’m hoping it will clear up … More The Purge