Keep Forgiving

What’s crazy about this post is that I have had it written since November 8th. I opened it on December 31st at 2am, for one last view before it posted on January 1st and everything changed. What was written prior were the musings of a dog licking their wounds that were entirely avoidable. What follows … More Keep Forgiving

A Thrill of Hope

A desire to be seen, heard, known, and loved can become so esurient that it will feed on whatever brings it food, even if it is poison. I ate poison because I was ravenous. If it hadn’t been for people pumping my stomach, I would have surely died. At the end of a difficult (as … More A Thrill of Hope


House J: twin mattress. I can’t remember the comfort because I was always exhausted by the time, I placed my head on it. House I: two twins into a king-sized wonder. One side was always filled with books. House G: king sized bed with books aplenty and a laptop with homework. N & N’s: a … More Bed/Rest

To Be in Love

I think of all the ones I’ve ever loved, sincerely and purely and wholly. In time, it convolutes. Depravity is not me but with me and sometimes in me. I deeply desire to love in excess without ill motive. Why is it so hard? Why do I fool myself into thinking I can? Why do … More To Be in Love

Object Permanence

From infancy to age two, babies develop object permanence. It is a concept that even when objects are unsensed or unperceived they still continue to exist. It’s 2:34am and I am lost in my thoughts. What is a milestone in infancy, is dismissed by adolescence.  We all to learn objects don’t remain with us permanently. … More Object Permanence

November 30

What are you looking forward to in December? The end and the beginning again. I look forward to the real promise of Christmas and the false promise of New Years. I look forward to silent and holy nights. I hoping for the thrill of hope. I hoping for a bed. I look forward to producing … More November 30

November 28

What’s your Meyers-Briggs or Enneagram? Self-discovery has always been an interest. The better I genuinely know myself, the more adept I am to navigate relationships with others. Johari’s Window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. In Johari’s Window, there are 4 quadrants: the Arena, the Blindspot, the Hidden, … More November 28

November 27

Tell us about a blog post you didn’t publish. Currently, there are 25 blogs sitting in my draft box. As I look over them they fall into two categories of why they are not published: too personal and too controversial.  Relatable and ambiguous. If I could describe myself and my writing style in two words … More November 27

November 26

Write a poem. Welcome to Life (written November 9, 2008) We live behind painted facesBehind good gracesBehind glass wallsWe come out neverHiding is much betterWe laugh when others fallWe accept no oneWe kill with gunsWe trample on the small Self-Made Valleys (Written October 8, 2018) Is it really a valley if you dug it yourself?Or … More November 26

November 24

Do you decorate for Christmas? Depending on where my heart is for the holidays. When I lived in Georgia, I definitely was the sibling to spur on the desire to decorate. My family was not as united in adolescence. When I transitioned to Houston to foster parent, we would decorate. It felt appropriate. Children feel … More November 24

November 23

Black Friday. Are you going out to shop, or are you staying at home with a good book and plate full of left-overs? Neither, I am flying back home today. Typically, I do neither. I don’t know if I like the Thanksgiving spread. My dream is to have a themed Thanksgiving once I’m in a … More November 23

November 22

Thanksgiving. What are you most thankful for? Life seems like a series of laments in certain seasons. Nevertheless, I am thankful for what feels like a human experience. I don’t care for fame or notoriety. I care to know the goodness of love from God and others. I have been loved really well this year … More November 22

November 21

Have you ever changed your name? Yes, I have. I actually highlighted that in a post from 2017. My Name is Funke. So, I’m not going to write about it again. Writing for 30 days can get real daunting.

November 20

What does Thanksgiving dinner look like at your house? Truthfully, I am unsure. I haven’t had Thanksgiving at my house in about 7 years. As I recounted, 4 were spent at work, 1 in Round Top, TX, 1 in Louisville, KY, and 1 finally at home. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what is … More November 20